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Vertical Column Traian

Quality and Design

TRAIAN vertical columns bed head unitis greatest example of how our attitude is oriented to the best results with the lowest costs impacts. Infatti TRAIAN può ruotare liberamente fino a 330° fissata al soffitto tramite un solido pilastro. In this way TRAIAN an can be mounted anywhere in the intensive care departement with a wide range of accessories and rotating equipment carries making this columns

DZ Medicale Traian model


Traian, where design meets usability.


TRAIAN has a configuration fixed to the ceiling by a solid column or from the ground.


The unit can rotate freely 330 °.


All the LEDs used have very high safety standards.

Highly customizable

TRAIAN is highly customizable, colors, number and type of gas, electric and data sockets and much more.

DZ Medicale Traian model illuminazione


All theLEDsused are all chosen according to high safety standards and the diffuser cover for the light block has been chosen with a level of fire resistance higher than that required according to current standards. The electrical sockets are built on individually protected lines in order to ensure maximum comfort for patients and hospital staff, and are available in different standards such as: CEE 7/4 (Schuko F type), UNEL 2P + T 10 / 16A bypass, French. type E bipolar, or BS 1363.

Data Sheet Traian - Vertical Column

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