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Pure Gas

DZ Medicale is one of the most important companies in the medical accessories industry becoming a reference in turnkey projects and installations, where medical gas systems are present.

DZ MEDICALE manufactures a full range of devices to reduce and control for pure gases distribution. The range consists of a central gecompression gas manifold with all the components necessary for the gas distribution, cylinder reducers, products are manufactured in brass alloy treated with a cleaning system with ultrasonic batteries, and internal components in stainless steel, where required. All devices are produced in brass alloy treated with cleaning system with ultrasonic batteries, and with internal components in INOX steel, where provided. The line pure gases DZ MEDICALE is characterized by the high quality and reliability of the product, in fact any device by following the business philosophy, is individually tested and inspected for leaks inside for no less than twenty-four hours. All products DZ MEDICALE are designed, manufactured and produced in our factory to Erbusco, with a system of quality management ‘certified UNI EN ISO 9001.
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