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dz medicale - Flowmeter - flussometro
Oxygen flow meters are variable area flow meters suitable for the control of the flow of medicinal gases, used for oxygen therapy. All the flow-meters we manufacture are pressure-compensated and running both single and double to allow simultaneous delivery to two patients using a single incoming source.
The body is made of pearly aluminum, a fine micrometric adjustment tap with polymer shutter, input filtration, and chrome brass fitting for both input and output, usually to be connected to a humidifier or humidifier.
DZ Medicale - Flussometro alluminio e prese
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The measuring group (graduated rod and graded rod cover) is made of polycarbonate, a material with high mechanical resistance that therefore makes this device particularly suitable for more heavy uses. The operation is simple. simply connect the device to a centralized hospital through the gas connector (graft) and specific standard. Once the flow is grafted (0-15 lt/min or 0-30lt/min depending on the models) it is adjusted by the front adjustment line.

Download the product data sheet to find out more Flowmeter 15lt/ min

Flowmeter 30lt / min

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